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Below is the Fee Schedule for multiple services offered by Theokratia Psychotherapy PLLC/PC.

  • Speaking engagements $200 per hour plus reimbursement for any fees required for travel.
  • Curriculum Development $200 per hour.
  • Training or Continuing Education Units $200

Please note that Theokratia Psychotherapy PLLC/PC requires a 50% deposit for expected costs for the time it takes to prepare the training, then $200 per hour for the training itself on the day of the event.

There's Hope!

At Theokratia Psychotherapy, it is important to us that you live the best life that you possibly can. Contact us today to see how we can help you start down that road to freedom.

Theokratia Psychotherapy PLLC/PC

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we also serve clients in both Texas and California.

2550 Pacific Ave
Office 709, 7th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75226

845 15th Street
Office 403 B
San Diego, California 92101


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